Why Bio-tract technology is a superior delivery system

The concept of probiotics has become very popular nowadays. There are many probiotic foods and supplements in the market, and they all start from the same premise: Our intestinal tract is inevitably crowded with bacteria, and by modulating them we can achieve several health effects. Modulating our intestinal bacteria would require ingesting living organisms, and undoubtedly many people have wondered if that’s the case with pills and powders. So, are you really taking living bacteria? Bio-tract technology has been designed precisely to address that concern.

Living bacteria needs a group of elements to survive, and one of them is moisture. Many probiotic products in the market advertising living organisms fail to keep them alive in powder form. What’s more, capsules are not the best way to administer probiotics because they don’t guarantee a fair distribution of the probiotic strains in the gastrointestinal system.

Different to many other medications and nutrients, probiotics are not just absorbed in the intestines to do their work. There are living microorganisms throughout the gastrointestinal system, and if we want to modulate gut microbiota properly, we should be able to deliver probiotics throughout. One of the limitations of controlled release, tablets, and enteric coating (which are the most common delivery systems for drugs) is that they may not get through the harsh stomach acids. If they do survive (4%), they may cause an explosive release later on in the digestive system. Bio-tract probiotics will be released only in the lower areas of the gastrointestinal tract.

Another limitation most delivery systems have is that they fail to protect the living bacteria from acid and enzyme degradation. Throughout our gastrointestinal tube, there are many changes in pH and enzymes doing their degradation work. They can cause severe alterations to the proteins in probiotics and render them useless.

Bio-tract technology forms a gel barrier that provides protection to probiotic strains and keeps them alive and functioning before entering your system and throughout their way to your gut. Bio-tract protects these valuable strains from the changes of pH and enzymatic activity after ingestion and is capable of releasing them evenly throughout the gastrointestinal tube.

Bio-tract arises as a solution to the fact that, with standard delivery systems, around 4% of the probiotic microorganisms survive and join your microbiota. Conversely, Bio-tract technologies allow up to 60-70% of the microorganisms to stay alive and modulate the bacterial activity in your gut. This is excellent news because, you will not only get living bacteria as advertised, but they will also remain vital and functional after arriving at their new home.